The Special Mom’s World Top 12 Blog Entries of 2012


12. Edible Sand

edible sand

11. Wanna Be Friends

Wanna Be

10.  Christmas Wreath

December 2012 009

9. A Million Times Over


8. The Many Moods of Joshua

December 2012 025

7. Monkey Bread Pizza

May 2012 074

6. DIY Flower Pots


5.  The Icky Sticky Sensory Mess


4. Grinch Goop

December 2012 033

We had a tie for #4

Make Your Own Snow

December 2012 039

3. Coaches Gifts

May 2012 091

2. Mason Jars

May 2012 012

I will admit I was a little surprised to discover that the #1 post of 2012 occurred on the last day of the year. There were more hits in the first hour for this entry than any other entry before it. The wait is finally over the #1 blog entry for  The Special Mom’s World of 2012 is……..

1. Baked Potato Grilled Cheese

December 2012 004

The Many Moods of Joshua

Raising Josh has been an adventure to say the least. He is an amazing boy, but even amazing boys have their moments.

Josh is going through the “terrible” two stage of life now. Needless to say, he is definitely keeping me on my toes. I waited 10 years to go through this stage of life with him, so you won’t hear me complain. However, it is challenging, fun, exhausting, happy, and many more emotions.  Today I got to catch  images of a fake temper tantrum. This particular fit was because I asked him to scoot a little closer so it would be easier to pick him up. Yes, he does understand what I am saying.  This moment occurs several times a day. Sometimes I want to laugh and sometimes I want to cry. Enjoy the many personalities of Josh. These were taken in a two-minute time frame.

December 2012 018

(I will translate)

Mommy I am getting angry because you want me to come closer to you so you can pick me up. You need to come to me.

December 2012 019

Look Mom! I’m going to bite myself.

December 2012 020

I am so clever. I have a better idea.

December 2012 021

Mom I am so sad. Please come and get me. I need you.

December 2012 022

Is she watching?

December 2012 024

I will smack myself in the face. You don’t want me to do that, do you?

(That is a wonderful behavior he picked up from a former classmate)

December 2012 025

Please pick me up Mommy.

December 2012 026

I am getting frustrated. I am going to bite myself.

December 2012 028

I am biting.

December 2012 039

Please Mom.

December 2012 034

I am over it. Moving on.


25 Family Activities for Christmas

Here are a few examples of my 25 list. To view more be sure to click on 25 Family Activities for Christmas at the top of the page. I am adding more everyday!

1. Snowman Family

December 2012 051

I am going to try really hard to have 25 different family themed activities before Christmas.  I believe that we need to focus on what is truly important during the holidays. Okay, I feel that way all year, but I think so many people lose sight of what is special in our lives. We become consumed with buying things, wanting things, and stressing when we cannot afford those thing. Take a breath and recharge. I know my son Josh is grown he will remember the days we spent playing together as a family before he will remember that toy he had to have.

I hope you have as much fun over the next 25 day as my family will.

Our 1st activity was painting our snowman family.


1 can of Spray snow  (We used the entire can for 3 snow people)

Washable Finger paint.

You can use your imagination for the rest. We painted the snow people first. We let them dry and added the fingerpaint touches.

This is a great way to decorate for the neighbors to see and have the kids feel like they had a hand in the design.

2. Make Your Own Snow

December 2012 030

This was a fun sensory activity.

All you need:

December 2012 028 2 boxes of cornstarch

1 shaving cream

1 bowl to mix the ingredients


This is messy, but so worth it.

December 2012 039

You can mold this, smoosh it, and make it snow.  It cost me two dollars to make this and gave us hours of fun.

3. Decorate a Planter

December 2012 010

This was another fun and easy activity.

I already had the planter and soil. If you don’t have those two items you will need them. I bought all the decorations at the Dollar Store. I purchased the poinsettia at Wal-Mart for $3.88

I simply wrapped a ribbon around the pot and attached a star. I planted the poinsettia and added Christmas balls for color. I bought these squiggly twigs and placed them in the soil. Voila! This doesn’t have to be a messy project. However, my beautiful son wanted to play in the dirt.

Lights Out

When everybody on the east coast was losing power we were no exception, although ours was only out for an hour. Josh always wakes up during late night power outages. I think because it is too quiet and calm. It’s kind of eerie. He is usually a little scared and dazed. it also doesn’t help when some very inconsiderate neighbors decided to set off fireworks at one in the morning.  I keep a flashlight next to my bed for these types of emergencies and Joshua just so happens to have a turtle that lights up with stars. I was trying to come up with something to relax him when I suddenly remembered what I would do if I were still a child. First, we turned off the flashlight and counted the stars that the turtle was projecting onto the ceiling. (as you can tell my camera is always near.)

Joshua loves his turtle and apparently the light are even cooler up close.

Next, we told scary stories with the flashlight under our faces. Okay, I really recited Goodnight Moon and Roar of a Snore. They are two of his favorite books, so naturally they are two of many children’s books that I have memorized. After that we roared like dinosaurs and laughed at how silly we looked.

We finished our dark night off by making shadow puppets. I was extremely surprised to find that my beautiful son was totally into this.

Ten minutes in the lights came on and Josh was able to snuggle in and go right back to sleep.

Our blackout ended up being so much fun. Hopefully Josh will never forget it.

Family Fun


Quality family time time can go a long way. Today we spent a few hours in a toddler pool on my back porch. My son was so happy.  His father participated (which doesn’t happen often) and Josh has been over the moon all day.


Here Josh’s dad was teaching him how to make a ball shoot out of the water.


Family time is priceless.


Leave it to me to make our activity in to a theraputic activity. We decided to catch the fish. All we needed was a net, some fish, and a couple of balls. Josh was working on his motor skills and didn’t even know.


Apparently Josh thought it was time for sushi.


 Josh says no more pictures please. My son’s smile and joy makes me beyond happy. Nothing is better.

Enjoy your family! These are the moments your children will remember. These are also the moments your children will try to recreate for their children.

Project 3: Organize My World


This is my nightstand table.  This becomes my I’m not sure if I should keep it or throw it away storage area.  Yes, when I open the door the contents fall out.  The trashcan became my friend for this organize.  I didn’t need any extra money for this one.  All I needed was patience.  That’s right patience.  I needed to sit down and go throw everything in the stand and either throw it away or find an actual place for the item.


That’s much better.

Oops.. night stands are private.  Now you know I have no idea what I am doing. Ssshhh….Let’s keep it our secret.

Day 2: Organize My World


I have always been embarrassed by my linen closet.  My guest always make themselves at home, so that means they go through my closets. My company has never said anything, but really this should have been organized years ago.


This is so much nicer.  I took two medium boxes full of towels and blankets out.  Some will be added to the yard sale and some will make it to the trash.  I finally took Josh’s crib set out of the closet and added it to the yard sale pile.  That is a little sad, but he doesn’t need it anymore.  I separated the toilet paper and put the rolls under the bathroom sinks.  That makes more sense anyway.  I used two bowls ($2 at Wal-Mart) and rolled the wash clothes in one and rolled hand towels in the other. I also bought a storage bag ($4 at Wal-Mart) and stored the sheets in there.

I am sure over the next 29 days that my closets are my shame.  I am still waiting for suggestions.  I have 29 things left to organize.  Help me out.