The Many Moods of Joshua

Raising Josh has been an adventure to say the least. He is an amazing boy, but even amazing boys have their moments. Josh is going through the “terrible” two stage of life now. Needless to say, he is definitely keeping me on my toes. I waited 10 years to go through this stage of life … Continue reading

25 Family Activities for Christmas

Here are a few examples of my 25 list. To view more be sure to click on 25 Family Activities for Christmas at the top of the page. I am adding more everyday! 1. Snowman Family I am going to try really hard to have 25 different family themed activities before Christmas.  I believe that … Continue reading

Lights Out

When everybody on the east coast was losing power we were no exception, although ours was only out for an hour. Josh always wakes up during late night power outages. I think because it is too quiet and calm. It’s kind of eerie. He is usually a little scared and dazed. it also doesn’t help … Continue reading

Family Fun

Quality family time time can go a long way. Today we spent a few hours in a toddler pool on my back porch. My son was so happy.  His father participated (which doesn’t happen often) and Josh has been over the moon all day. Here Josh’s dad was teaching him how to make a ball shoot … Continue reading

Copycat Texas Roadhouse Butter

We can’t go to Texas Roadhouse anymore.  Josh is severely allergic to peanuts, and Texas Roadhouse has a lot of them.  One of Josh’s dads favorite things is  their butter.  I thought it would be nice to make him up a batch and surprise him with it. Here’s what you will need:  2 sticks butter … Continue reading

Project 3: Organize My World

BEFORE This is my nightstand table.  This becomes my I’m not sure if I should keep it or throw it away storage area.  Yes, when I open the door the contents fall out.  The trashcan became my friend for this organize.  I didn’t need any extra money for this one.  All I needed was patience.  … Continue reading

Day 2: Organize My World

Before I have always been embarrassed by my linen closet.  My guest always make themselves at home, so that means they go through my closets. My company has never said anything, but really this should have been organized years ago. After This is so much nicer.  I took two medium boxes full of towels and … Continue reading

Day 1: Organize My World

The Pantry Before This is my pantry before.  Messy and cluttered.  The shoes were always in the way.   I wanted to clean and organize it every time I went in there. You know how it is….I’ll do it tomorrow never seems to happen.  Well, I did it today! The Pantry After I added a few canvas … Continue reading