Blind Vision

I went to Josh’s school  for a parent involvement day.  We typically sit around and talk about what the kids are working on, how to improve their educational experience.  You know the usual. Today we experienced something different, being the parents’ of children with special needs we have other issues that we have to think about while teaching our kids.  Many of our children have vision issues or attention issues that effect the way they see the world.  Josh’s therapist brought in goggles with different vision scopes.  My goggles gave me the illusion of being blind in my left eye and retinal detachment in the right.  I was then given activities to complete. I had colored cotton balls and jacks laid out on a piece of cloth with circles that was the same colors as the objects I had to find.  Now with my regular vision this would be no problem, but when your vision is similar to looking through a blurry pinhole it can be a little daunting.  The next activity was to pick out my snack from 3 pictures.  It was confusing and I wasn’t quite sure what a chose.  Thank God it was a Hershey kiss, because that could have gone very wrong.  The last activity was to walk around the room and find pom poms.  The teachers did move the children out of the way, so the stumbling parents didn’t trip over them.  The point of this activity was so we could understand how the world may appear to our kids, and what we could change to make it easier on them to get through the day.  It was educational and I am glad I got the chance to experience it.

 I did luck out here is a picture of the goggles another mom had to wear.

This is what Josh was doing while I was sporting the Despicable Me look.


2 thoughts on “Blind Vision

  1. That is awesome that you got the chance to see things through another child’s eyes and what they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

  2. What a phenomenal idea! If only we could all see through our kids’ eyes for a day! I would love to see what mine sees for just a moment!

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