Just Got To Be Me

I know this is a scary picture, but there is a point to it I promise.  I have a new segment that I am introducing next week about inspiring people. One trait that has always drawn me to certain people is their individuality.  Growing up I was to insecure to show my true self.   I followed the crowd as many of us do.  We fear what others will say about us, but I believe when we hold ourselves back we fail us.   In this new segment I will be highlighting everyday people who I believe stay true to themselves. People that follow their own path.  I believe we all have a calling, a purpose on this earth, and if we allow others to stifle our choices we might miss out on what will truly make us happy.  I am now getting to the point.  Be true to who you are.  If you have blue hair, tattoos, piercings, or if you wear ties and dress shirts, or baseball hats and shorts.  If you are loud or quiet.  Academic. mechanical, creative, athletic.  It doesn’t matter.  If you are being true to yourself and you are not hurting others in the process that’s what matters.  This is not to be confused with being selfish.  We all have priorities that come first sometimes.  This is about being free to be you.  I guarantee the people who love you will still love you even if they don’t understand you.

See it doesn’t matter what I look like he still loves me.

Celebrate life, find your purpose, and be happy!


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