Gift Bag Joy

I have been so busy over the past week I haven’t been able to blog as much as I want.  I miss it.  This week is  going to be busy also, but I will try to update you with our lives, recipes, crafts, diy projects, and other inspirations.

Josh and I were able to distribute his fish gift bags (click on fun for the kiddos to see bags)the other week , and we were able to introduce him and his uniqueness to his  Sunday school friends.  Yesterday after I dropped him off to his class one of the girls came up to me gave me a letter for Josh.

Front and back of the letter

This letter touched my heart so much.  There is nothing like a child’s heart.  I hope one day Josh can appreciate this letter as much as I do.

Josh’s favorite Sesame Street character.  Abby Cadabby.  My little guy is so sweet.


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