Project 3: Organize My World


This is my nightstand table.  This becomes my I’m not sure if I should keep it or throw it away storage area.  Yes, when I open the door the contents fall out.  The trashcan became my friend for this organize.  I didn’t need any extra money for this one.  All I needed was patience.  That’s right patience.  I needed to sit down and go throw everything in the stand and either throw it away or find an actual place for the item.


That’s much better.

Oops.. night stands are private.  Now you know I have no idea what I am doing. Ssshhh….Let’s keep it our secret.


Day 2: Organize My World


I have always been embarrassed by my linen closet.  My guest always make themselves at home, so that means they go through my closets. My company has never said anything, but really this should have been organized years ago.


This is so much nicer.  I took two medium boxes full of towels and blankets out.  Some will be added to the yard sale and some will make it to the trash.  I finally took Josh’s crib set out of the closet and added it to the yard sale pile.  That is a little sad, but he doesn’t need it anymore.  I separated the toilet paper and put the rolls under the bathroom sinks.  That makes more sense anyway.  I used two bowls ($2 at Wal-Mart) and rolled the wash clothes in one and rolled hand towels in the other. I also bought a storage bag ($4 at Wal-Mart) and stored the sheets in there.

I am sure over the next 29 days that my closets are my shame.  I am still waiting for suggestions.  I have 29 things left to organize.  Help me out.

Day 1: Organize My World

The Pantry


This is my pantry before.  Messy and cluttered.  The shoes were always in the way.   I wanted to clean and organize it every time I went in there. You know how it is….I’ll do it tomorrow never seems to happen.  Well, I did it today!

The Pantry


I added a few canvas containers for the shoes and a few plastic baskets (I got at the Dollar Store) for the cleaners.

Now my pantry is clean and organized.