Lights Out

When everybody on the east coast was losing power we were no exception, although ours was only out for an hour. Josh always wakes up during late night power outages. I think because it is too quiet and calm. It’s kind of eerie. He is usually a little scared and dazed. it also doesn’t help when some very inconsiderate neighbors decided to set off fireworks at one in the morning.  I keep a flashlight next to my bed for these types of emergencies and Joshua just so happens to have a turtle that lights up with stars. I was trying to come up with something to relax him when I suddenly remembered what I would do if I were still a child. First, we turned off the flashlight and counted the stars that the turtle was projecting onto the ceiling. (as you can tell my camera is always near.)

Joshua loves his turtle and apparently the light are even cooler up close.

Next, we told scary stories with the flashlight under our faces. Okay, I really recited Goodnight Moon and Roar of a Snore. They are two of his favorite books, so naturally they are two of many children’s books that I have memorized. After that we roared like dinosaurs and laughed at how silly we looked.

We finished our dark night off by making shadow puppets. I was extremely surprised to find that my beautiful son was totally into this.

Ten minutes in the lights came on and Josh was able to snuggle in and go right back to sleep.

Our blackout ended up being so much fun. Hopefully Josh will never forget it.


Family Fun


Quality family time time can go a long way. Today we spent a few hours in a toddler pool on my back porch. My son was so happy.  His father participated (which doesn’t happen often) and Josh has been over the moon all day.


Here Josh’s dad was teaching him how to make a ball shoot out of the water.


Family time is priceless.


Leave it to me to make our activity in to a theraputic activity. We decided to catch the fish. All we needed was a net, some fish, and a couple of balls. Josh was working on his motor skills and didn’t even know.


Apparently Josh thought it was time for sushi.


 Josh says no more pictures please. My son’s smile and joy makes me beyond happy. Nothing is better.

Enjoy your family! These are the moments your children will remember. These are also the moments your children will try to recreate for their children.