Josh’s Video

This is an older video, so the fundraiser is over. We did reach our goal and I was able to go to the Son Rise Program. It was an amazing experience, but not as helpful as I would have liked.

Most of the things they taught I already do with Josh. When I spoke to them they said the program is also geared towards helping children that also have chromosomal disabilities, but when I would specifically ask questions they were not answered.

Don’t misunderstand me I feel the program has tremendous value, just not so much for my child. It is definitely an experience I cherish. I met some incredible people and learned about their journey’s. The founders and staff were all so inspirational.  I am so happy we had the opportunity to take that adventure. If your child has Autism I recommend looking into The Son Rise Program.

The video is just so cute I couldn’t bring myself to delete it.  It is a few years old now and he has been so much more. He truly is my hero.