Fun for the Kiddos

Play Dough Balloons

I found a few posts on different Mom Blogs about balloons stuffed with play dough.  None of the blogs had instructions on how to get the play dough into the balloon.  I am a very uncoordinated but determined person, so I  took it upon myself to unfold this mystery of how to fill the balloons. Let me just say it was quite entertaining.  I decided the easiest way was to stretch the balloon and shove the messy goop in.  I took it one step further then just using play dough.  I used play dough, theraputty (similar to silly putty), and moon sand. The easiest  substance to fill the balloons with was the theraputty.  I found the play dough to be extremely difficult to get into the balloons.  It kept sticking to the inside making it hard to put more dough in. The moon sand was a hot mess. (However, I think if I used a funnel it would have worked.)  One of the balloons had all three ingredients.  Now for the big test…..which balloon would Josh choose to be his favorite.  I was convinced it would be the theraputty. I was WRONG! What?? How can that be?  Mom is never wrong.  He actually chose 2 of them.  The one filled with play dough and the one with all three ingredients.  **Warning:  Do Not Let Your Small Children Play With This Unsupervised**

This is what happens when the kiddos think they are unattended.

I like these two.

Mom’s not looking.

Just one little bite.

 Oh what the heck I just can’t resist.


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