Family Homemade Pizza Night

Josh and I have recently started the tradition of Family Homemade Pizza Night.  We used to order pizza from a local establishments or  chain pizza places but the pizza was never as good as a pie from Maryland. I know Maryland is not well known for pizza but we had a staple in our hometown called Rocky’s and nothing else ever compared to it. I wonder if I go back and have some Rocky’s Pizza now if it would be as good as I remember.

Also, as a single mom pizza can become expensive and I don’t always have extra cash to throw away. Not to mention pizza is not usually the healthiest food option. Homemade isn’t always super healthy but it makes me feel better to know what is in my food. and that Josh is getting fresh veggies.

I am also always looking for ways to have fun with Josh. This has become an expected Friday night activity for him. I love that he looks forward to our time together. As a pre-teen even Josh gets annoyed with me. I know…shocking!!!!! I am the coolest mom in the world. Hahaha.Pizza 1

First, we pick our ingredients. You can choose whatever you typically like on your pizza. We use Alfredo sauce, fresh spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, feta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses.. I sauté the onions, mushrooms, and spinach before I put it on the pizza. You don’t have to do that but I like the taste better and it is easier for Josh to chew.

pizza 3

We get out our dough. (I just buy a pre-made ball of dough usually found around the deli section of your local grocer.) We make up silly songs as we pound, stretch, roll, and attempt to twirl the dough. Obviously, we also make a big mess. It helps to put flour on a clean surface. It limits the stickiness of the dough. We lay it across the round pan and spread on our Alfredo sauce. I like to add garlic salt, onion powder, and some parmesan to the dough before we add the sauce.

Pizza 2

You may want to watch out for topping thieves. They are sneaky little snatchers.

Pizza 4

.Okay, he’s cute so I leave a little extra for him after we add all of the veggies to the pizza.  We then layer with the chesses and its ready to bake. at 350* for 17 minutes.  There should also be cooking instructions on the back of the dough bag.

Pizza 5

It is seriously so delicious.

and……Pizza 6

Josh approved.

I asked if he liked it and he is signing yes. This is the only meal that he has ever handed his plate to me so he could have more.


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