Sensory Snowman (18)

December 2012 016

This was sensory paradise for Josh.


Sharpie Marker

Plastic Bag

Shaving Cream

All you need to do is Draw a snowman face on the plastic ziplock bag with a sharpie (permanent marker). Fill the plastic storage bag half way with shaving cream and seal it up.

Some people use foam paper noses in the bag and the kiddos have to try to move the nose to the right place. I found this to be difficult and Josh didn’t care about the nose.  He just loved the sensory aspect. Make sure to watch the kids when they play with this. Plastic bags and shaving cram could be dangerous if unattended and harmless with supervision.

December 2012 025

The most simple projects are usually the biggest hits.

December 2012 023

Lots and lots of giggles.

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