Wanna Be Friends?


My son and I recently started going to a new church and he is in a “regular” Sunday school class.  Josh is non verbal and in a wheelchair, so he is a little intimidating to the other kids.  A few weeks ago while exploring Pinterest I came across a Valentine’s day card  similar to the pictures above. http://faboolous.blogspot.com/2012/02/another-idea-for-valentines-day.html  I also thought about when I was a child my cousin and I spent our summers in Canada.  I was 3 years older than her and much more outgoing.  I made friends quickly.  She was shy and it wasn’t as easy  for her to make friends so naturally. My grandmother took her to the grocery store one Saturday and when they came home she had a huge bag of assorted candies.  The next day after church the kids lined up to talk to her, and every Sunday after.  Steph made sure to always have her bag of candy.  Thanks to Pinterest and Steph I decided to bribe my son’s class with candy.

  I talked to one of the Pastor’s and asked if I could speak to the kids in the class about Josh. I also thought that if Josh had something to give them they would have to interact with him, and maybe some of the children will see that he is nice and needs friends too.

Our bags contain gummy fish, a Bible verse, and a picture of a cat staring at fish,  I then added the caption “Wanna Be Friends.”  Hopefully some of the children will realize that we are all different and each of us deserves to be treated with respect.

Wish us luck!


2 thoughts on “Wanna Be Friends?

  1. Thanks Tracy. I try to find things that will make him happy. How are you? Only 2 more weeks until Andrew is a highschool graduate. Has he decided what he’s doing yet? Man, you are getting old. lol

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