Coaches Gifts

Today Josh had his HomeRun Derby for his baseball team.  Today is the day that every child is able to hit a home run and run (or be pushed) around all the bases, and get to know what a thrill that can be. As the team parent I wanted to do something special for the coaches.(from the entire team)




Foam Stickers


 I bought the baskets at the dollar store.  I also bought 4 sets of foam stickers at the dollar store.  I placed different colored stickers on each basket that spelled out the coaches name.

I tied the ribbon (It had baseballs and spelled baseball) to both sides of each basket.





Paint Brush

Sponge Brush

Mod Podge

X-acto Knife

Craft Paper

Clear acrylic Spray


The clipboard was by far the most time-consuming project in the entire basket.

First,  paint the back of the clipboard, let dry.  Repeat this process. Paint the top of the clipboard. (You only need to paint the area the craft paper won’t cover. Repeat process.

Paint (with the sponge brush) the ModPodge onto the area where you will be placing the craft paper.  Apply craft paper.  Make sure it is smooth.  (You can get a craft roller to smooth it.) I went along the edges with an  x-acto knife to cut off the excess paper.

After the mod podge dried I sprayed the entire clipboard with  clear acrylic spray.

I pulled the whistle through the hole at the top of the clipboard to finish it up.


Matted Picture frames (Dollar Store)

Sharpie Markers

Picture of your choice

I took a picture of the team when they were posing for the team portrait. I took a back marker and wrote Thank You for Caring. I dotted the i in caring with the red marker.  I put 2 dashes (like a shooting star) and a  heart.

Water Bottles



Water Bottles

Glue Gun

Craft Paper

I printed the Bulls onto gray paper. (Team Colors) The Bulls printed 4 to a page.  I cut the name out in strips.(4 strips) Use the glue gun to adhere the name strips to the water bottle.




Colored pens

I signed the children’s names for them, because many of our kiddos can’t hold a pen let alone sign their names. Typically, you should have the kids sign their own names.

Now you have yourself a thoughtful gift from the entire team.

Don’t be afraid to ask the other parents for a donation.  You may be surprised most of the parents will give.


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