DIY Coasters

I made some new coaster for my parents. I thought they would enjoy pictures of their grandsons.

The only difference with these coasters is I used cardstock and printed my own photos. I also used black tiles instead of the white.

What you need:

Mod Podge

Ceramic Tile

Tacky Glue


Scrapbook Paper

Clear Acrylic Sealer

Sponge Brush

Pick out scrapbook paper that has designs that you like.  Cut them into square slightly smaller than the tile.  Smear the mod podge with the sponge brush on to the tile and place the scrapbook paper on.  Let dry.  Takes about 15 minutes. With the sponge spread mod podge over the scrapbook paper.  Let dry and repeat  1 to 2 more times.  Spray with clear acrylic sealer.  Repeat 2 more times.  Let dry. Cut the felt into a square slightly smaller than the tile and glue onto back of the coaster.  Let dry.  Now you have a new set of coasters to set your wine and sippy cups on.


2 thoughts on “DIY Coasters

  1. I love these! I am trying to make my own but The black tiles I bought are white on the sides. Did you paint the sides of yours? If so, with what? Thanks!

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