DIY Framed Art

Step 1

The Artist is known for his unique form of design.  I throw some paper and washable finger paint into the bathtub and I watch the creative genius perform his magic.

Step 2

Let the masterpieces dry

Step 3

Frame the artwork.

I bought these frames with the matted inserts two for $7 at Wal-Mart

I wrote different emotions on the bottom of some of the pictures.  I suggest using stencils if you decide to label the paintings.

Step 4

Hang the beautiful creations.

These are my favorite pictures.  I simply love anything that Josh has fun doing.  I have had visitors ask about one of the pictures.  They want to know where I bought it.  My guests are surprised to find out that particular picture was made by Josh.  It is amazing how a matted frame can transform a child’s finger painting into a masterpiece.


2 thoughts on “DIY Framed Art

  1. I Love It! The artist looks like he’s really “into” his work. You did an awesome job framing these and I’m sure Josh beams when guests admire his work. Very creative.

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