DIY Photo

I love pictures! No I didn’t put the ribbon on wrong he really is upside down.  My son the goofball.  The picture I took doesn’t do this justice.  It is super cute and not just because it’s Josh (but he is pretty cute, if I do say so myself).

This project was simple enough to carry out.


Mod Podge

Flat Thumbtacks or Staples

Clear Acrylic Spray

Black Paint

Wired Ribbon

Wood Plaque

Sponge Brush

(Oh and a picture)


Paint the plaque black (both sides).  Repeat if necessary.

When dry spread mod podge with the sponge to the back of the picture.

Place in the center of the plaque.

Allow to dry.

Use sponge to put a layer of mod podge on top of the picture.

Allow to dry and repeat.

Spray the clear acrylic  over the picture .

Allow to dry and repeat.

Cut ribbon to desired length.

Tack ribbon to the back of plaque.

Voila.  You now have a decorative picture.


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