DIY Wall Art


Paint (any color you want)



wall decal (I found a mess load at the dollar store)

bowl  ( I use styrofoam so I can throw it away)

I don’t need to tell you how to paint.  Put the paint in the bowl and paint the entire canvas. I guess I did anyway.

Apply decal once canvas is dry.

 I have no idea why I chose Tinkerbell.  I don’t think she will blend in with Josh’s room.  I couldn’t help myself.  Who doesn’t like Tinkerbell?

I love my make a wish dandelions mantel

I love the way they look above the mantel.

I made some wall art for a boys room. The stickers are actually 3D, so it looks pretty cool in person. The camera wasn’t able to capture the 3D effect. I hope you like them.


2 thoughts on “DIY Wall Art

  1. LOL! First, I LOVE Tink. Second this is an awesome idea, and will be perfect for Johnnys room (not the Tink(:)

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