Easter Egg Wreath

This is another one of my sister’s DIY projects.  I might want to have an entire section on her wreaths.

 Here are directions via Ashley:

The Supply list:


 Plastic Easter Eggs (I used 42 medium (regular sized)

 Easter Grass

 Letter B found at Wal-Mart (it’s actually an easter basket charm)

 The Tool List:

 Hot Glue Gun


  Pencil with its eraser never used


 Use thick and sturdy cardboard. The outside of my circle is 12 inches and the inside measures 9 inches. This makes the wreath a little over 13 inches in diameter. If you need or want a larger wreath, then cut bigger circles (and you’ll need more eggs). I hot glued each egg individually and glued in between them so they would stick together.  Make sure you place the eggs horizontal on the board. Do not have them standing at attention or tilting up. Just make sure that when you continue with your wreath, your outside eggs are facing out like a sunburst and your inside eggs are facing in to a center point. Do not worry about the gaps where you can see the cardboard. the next step is to put the top layer on the wreath. All I did was place them in a random fashion. You can place them over the places where you have the biggest gaps and then fill in Grass: Start with a little grass and using your pencil as a tool push some grass with the eraser into the gaps of your wreath. Start with the gaps under the top layer of your eggs. Then you will need to put them between the outside rim of the bottom layer of eggs. In the space where the gap is, put a little bed of hot glue and let it cool a few second and then put some grass there to cover the cardboard. After you’re done “grassing” your wreath, trim the fly a ways from the outside of your wreath to shape your wreath.

I hope you have fun making the wreath!


2 thoughts on “Easter Egg Wreath

  1. You probably will have a whole album of wreaths here soon! I have another non-wreath project coming to you soon!

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