Melted Crayon Art

I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and make one of these melted crayon masterpieces.

What you will need:

Crayons (lots of them)

Foam board or canvas

glue gun


hair dryer

I used the knife to slit the paper on the crayons.  I started picking the paper off with my nails, but that took to long and it hurt the skin under my nails.

I glued 1 crayon at a time onto the foam board.  I made sure to put the crayons in order before I started.

Once the crayons were all in place I took the hair dryer and melted the crayons with the dryer.  I especially like the splatter effect. Next time I make one I am going to see if I can get more splatter.

This was messy to make.  I suggest melting the crayons outside (with the dryer) if you can.


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