Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures

I love my pictures.  I would have to say since the year 2003 most of my pictures never get printed.  They just stay on my computer for no one but me to see. That’s sad. I tried to get into scrapbooking, but I wasn’t very creative with it. Thanks to the wonderful creator of Pinterest I have found a way that I can be creative with my picture.


Wood plaque.

(You can find these at art stores, the dollar store. I got mine from Wal Mart for .97)

Mod Podge



Scrapbook paper

Paint Brush

Sponge Brush

Clear acrylic Spray

My beautiful son hasn’t been feeling well, so I must stay close.  He doesn’t like for me to be more than a couple of feet from him, so to avoid the tears I created a new work station on my living room floor.


Paint the wood plaques

Let dry

Mod podge pictures on with sponge brush

Let dry

If you are using scrapbook paper apply that with mod Podge first then apply picture

Let dry

Spray with acrylic spray.

That’s it!  Easy Peasy

This crazy bright orange is perfect for Josh’s room

Be creative.

I messed this one up a bit.

so I added some glitter.  I added more mod podge and dumped the glitter on.  My mistake was I didn’t blow off the excess glitter from his face before spraying the acrylic spray.  It looks funky, so I am happy.

Have fun and get those pictures off of your computer!


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