Teacher Appreciation Week


Teacher Appreciation week is over, but if you forgot these are some quick fixes to redeem yourself.  I will admit I saw these on Pinterest, however the website I went to was just another website showing a picture of something that another blogger did.  Okay, this is becoming a pet peeve of mine.  If you want visitors to your blog put in the work.  I might get ideas from others, but I actually do the work. I will display family or friends DIY project, recipes, and so on, but I give them full credit and still show the details on how to do it.  I will say 98% of the projects on my blog have been completed by me, and I always give credit where credit is deserved. Sorry I just needed to rant about that.

Josh has 1 teacher and two aides in his classroom.  We  wanted to show all three of them how much we appreciate what they do for Josh .

This one was for his teacher.


Rectangular vase

Glue gun



Cardboard letter



This project was pretty simple.  I have never used a glue gun before, so it took a couple of tries to figure it out. I put glue  small sections of the vase.  I discovered if I put too much glue on it the glue would dry before I had a chance to place the pencils on.

I used the hot glue gun for this entire project.  I glued the pencils the entire way around the vase.  I glues the ruler ribbon to the pencils and  glued the letter covering where the ribbon overlapped.  I place water and flowers in the vase and there you have it.  A perfect teacher’s gift.

These were even easier to make.  I only made the card.  I bought the cups at Wal-Mart and filled them with single serve lemonade packets.   The cards were made with scrapbook paper.  I placed a hole with a hole puncher and threaded through decorative ribbon. The card was tied to the cup with the ribbon.  It read  Thank You! for being a great “ade” to our class.


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